A2Z Filings


1023 Questionnaire for Synagogue

We are preparing your 1023 form, in which you ask the IRS to recognize your organization as a Synagogue.

In order to do fill this form, there is some information we need to pull together. You can help streamline and speed up the filing process if you take the time to answer the following questions in writing. If there is a question that stumps you, feel free to contact us by calling 561-212-1192. We will speak and at that time we can make up for any missing information.

1) History and Activities:

2) Directors and Special Expenditures:

3) Membership, Location and Scheduled Services:

According to the IRS definitions a synagogue consists of 3 things: a group of members, a stable location, and scheduled worship services.

4) Financial Information:

Itemize...(For previous years if there are any, or for future years if your corporation is new.)