A2Z Filings – Helping People Facilitate Others Since 2009

A2Z Filings was created to provide quality services and personalized attention to those who aspire to bring positive change in society through welfare work. We understand the role and significance of nonprofits and wish to assist them in doing the good work that they dofor the community.

Our Story

Meet Shai Goldstein – CEO of A2Z Filings

Born in Israel, Goldstein was raised with the spirit of hard work and community service. His father is a rabbi who has organized countless fundraisers and raised millions of dollars for charity throughout the years. Goldstein himself is constantly on the move, working, investing, helping, and mentoring. He shares the story that set him on his path.

The Beginning of A2Z Filings

“In 1996, my family moved to Florida fromIsrael, and I befriended an elderly man named George. George did not know how to drive. I volunteered to teach him the driver’s education manual. He had a very tough timecomprehending the information in the handbook until I took him out to show him thesigns. This approach worked, and he cleared the written test.

Irealized that there was a need to create a visual animation for driver's education. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and I decided to establish an animated driver’s handbook. My father advised me to go with anonprofit, so I started searching for accountants and lawyers who could assist me. This proved to be a challenging feat – I couldn’t find anyone who would help me!

I had two options – I could either give up or take matters into my own hands. I decided to figure it out on my own. It took me almost a year to be recognized by the IRS and cost a lot of money. Ikept calling the IRS, asking them why it was taking so long. They told me they have a lot ofapplications to work through and that it could take up to six months.

Not surprisingly, they found issues and problems with myapplication. I began a lengthy correspondence with the IRS. All the back-and-forth took another sixmonths. Nevertheless, Ipushed ahead, and finally opened my first nonprofit, Animated Driver's Ed, in [enter year].

The whole experience was nothing less than an ordeal, but it helped me identify the great need for a service that would ensure nonprofits could be approved as quickly as possible.That’s when I decided to open up a company dedicated solely to setting up nonprofit organizations,handling everything from “A to Z – and A2Z Filings was born.

It had been my childhood dream to help people all around the world, but I had no idea how to make ithappen. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have realized that dream through A2Z Filings.”

Read the complete story of how A2Z Filings started by clicking here!

Why We Are Different

A2Z Filings is unlike any other service. Here’s why.

  • We specialize in setting up nonprofits and acquiring 501(c)(3) status
  • We have a client-centric approach. You are our number one priority!
  • We offer specialized services for a reasonable fee
  • We are experienced in dealing with all sorts of issues pertaining to the IRS
  • Our business model is optimized to streamline communication with us as we help you set up nonprofits
  • We have a team of certified creative and technical writers to put together applications, business plans, and grant proposals for you
  • We work with you and your team to understand your mission, goals, and organizational structure and provide the best assistance.

We wish to inspire individuals and organizations to consider setting up nonprofits. We will help you every step of the way. Contact us today by dialing 561-212-1192 to learn more about us and how we can help you!