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Business plans and grant proposals

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Writing a funding proposal that effectively generates results requires a deep understanding and knowledge of how foundations and government agencies award grants. With over a decade of experience, we have mastered our business plan and grant proposal writing services, producing a grant proposal good enough to win. Our goal is to help deserving nonprofits receive financial assistance through essential NGO grant proposal writing services so that they can continue to build better and stronger communities.

Why Choose A2Z Writing Services

Highly Technical Grant Proposals

We excel at writing highly technical government and private grants. Our experienced and competent writers take the time to understand the purpose, services, and programs of your nonprofit to come up with grant proposals that align with the core mission of your organization. We also assess your eligibility to ensure that the grant in question is suitable for your organization.

Competitive Grant Proposals

Thousands of organizations apply for the same opportunities. Thus, receiving financial assistance through government or private grants an extremely competitive avenue. However, we create competitive grant proposals that will stand out from the crowd. A detailed, well-written grant proposal will get you noticed instantly, maximizing your chance of receiving the grant.

Proofreading & Editing Services

We work closely with you and your staff to ensure that your grant is factual, and reflects the culture and ethics of your nonprofit. But that’s not it – we proofread every grant prior to submission to ensure it does not contain any errors. We also make sure that the grantmaker’s instructions are followed immaculately.

A Strong Narrative

The effectiveness of a grant proposal is linked to the narrative. A strong narrative that delivers your message is fundamental to writing a winning grant proposal. Regardless of the level of technicality of the grant, we make sure that your message is sharp and clear.

Assessment of Nonprofit and Programs

We assess the organizational structure of your nonprofits along with your programs and services to ensure you are ready for competitive funding. In case your organization is not ready to compete for the grant, we can help you develop better, more effective business plans. With a detailed action plan regarding organization and program development, your nonprofit will be grant-ready in no time.

Adding Value With Effective Business Planning Services

With a more holistic approach to raise funds, we go beyond the services of grant proposal writing and offer business planning services to our clients. Our experienced nonprofit consultants can help you enhance your strategic and business plans to ensure a sustainable future for your nonprofit.

Why Organizations Need a Business Plan

A business plan is crucial for the growth and survival of all businesses, including nonprofits. An effective business plan:

Describes the organizational structure of your organization

Ensures the successful execution of all processes pertaining to products, services, and programs

Takes into account the capital structure of the organization, including holdings, loans, debts, bonds, endowments, and subsidiaries

Allows for effective management

Includes an evaluation plan to measure the effectiveness of the organization’s programs

Includes a growth-oriented marketing plan

Helps persuade foundations and major donors to fund you

Helps you receive business loans

A business changes with the organization. As the organization matures, the business plan becomes more sophisticated to take care of more significant challenges. The ultimate purpose of developing an effective business plan is to help nonprofits on their mission to perform welfare work and build better communities.