A2Z Filings


You get to do the Short Form for the IRS.

Nevertheless, there are still a few questions that we need you to answer before we fill out the form. They are all yes or no questions.

If you have any questions please contact us by calling 561-212-1192
1) Are any of the officers or directors planning to get paid by the corporation?(Required)
2) Does the corporation plan to spend money to help individual people? (Not just carry out activities that people participate in)(Required)
3) Does your corporation plan to give money to other organizations?(Required)
4) Will your corporation spend money outside the US?(Required)
5) Are you planning for your corporation to sell things that are not connected to its charitable purpose?(Required)
6) Are you planning to have your corporation do business with any of your directors, officers or companies they own?(Required)
7) Are you planning to use gambling type games (like Bingo) to raise money for the corporation?(Required)
8) Does your corporation own assets worth more than $250,000? Remember, we are not talking about your personal assets…just assets that belong to the corporation… (that is, the imaginary person you created.)(Required)

Answering YES to questions 1 and 2 is unproblematic. However, if you answer YES to any of the other questions, I recommend that you call me and we can discuss things. It is important that you operate withing the parameters of the IRS’s best practices. My number is 347-602-4398. Call anytime between 10 am and 4 pm Eastern Time.

Thanks so much and have much success!