A2Z Filings

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE /501(c)(3) Application Preparation Services

Customer understands and agrees as follows:

1. A2Z Filings will assist in the preparation of his or her organization’s application to obtain 501(c)(3) exempt status with the IRS (Form 1023), including articles of incorporation, bylaws, Employment Identification Number, conflict of interest policy, and all pertinent attachments to the application.

2. All state filing fees are not included in the price. Customer acknowledges and understands that A2Z Filings’ fee does not include the 501(c)(3) application fee which must be paid to the IRS at the time of submission of the application. Customer will be responsible for payment of the IRS application fee directly to A2Z Filings.

3. It will take A2Z Filings approximately 2 4 weeks to prepare and complete the 501(c)(3) application, including all pertinent materials and attachments. Preparation of the application will not begin until we have received the completed order form from the customer, in addition to payment of the service fee. Upon completion of the application, and pertinent materials, we will deliver the documentation to the Customer. If the IRS requests additional information or documentation from Customer in order to complete the application, we will assist Customer in furnishing such information or documentation to the IRS at no extra charge.

4. A2Z Filings may, within its discretion, elect not to furnish service to Customer if we anticipate that the purpose of Customer’s organization will not qualify for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS, or, if Customer’s application will require special or unique expertise. If we elect not to furnish service to Customer, any monies paid will immediately be reimbursed to Customer.

5. NO GUARANTEE OF APPROVAL. A2Z Filings does not guarantee to Customer that the IRS will grant tax exempt status to the proposed organization through the issuance of a determination letter. The IRS is exclusively responsible for determination of approval or disapproval of tax exempt status.

In the event Customer’s application is returned or denied by the IRS, A2Z filings will reasonably assist the Customer in obtaining IRS approval of the application, to the extent that IRS procedures allow for same.

6. Customer understands and agrees that A2Z Filings is a document preparation service and has not furnished any tax or legal advice to Customer.

7. Customer hereby authorizes A2Z Filings to submit the 1023 application to the IRS via electronic submission. Customer authorizes A2Z Filings to sign the 1023 application on behalf of Customer, and, further, to take any necessary or appropriate action to facilitate the complete submission of the said application to the IRS.