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Why Do We Need More Nonprofits in the United States?

We’re blessed to live in a country that is full of people who want to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. But all too often, those with the desire to help others don’t know where or how they can get started.


For this reason, many nonprofits have emerged and provide opportunities for anyone looking to get involved. Read on to learn why we need more nonprofits in the United States and what you can do if you’re interested.

Nonprofits Help Build Communities

Nonprofits are critical to the well-being of communities. They offer a variety of services that include but are not limited to food security, healthcare, education and sustainable housing. These organizations often work in partnership with local government agencies and businesses to meet the needs of their community members.

These nonprofit organizations make an enormous difference by serving as voices for those who may be otherwise unheard. Nonprofits also serve as leaders in their communities by providing resources and training opportunities for other nonprofits or community groups. By working together, they can help build healthier communities where everyone has access to opportunity, dignity and justice.

Nonprofits Aid In Economic Growth

Nonprofits play a large role in the economic growth of communities, and they are often overlooked in discussions about job creation. As much as we hear about the power of for-profit companies in job creation, nonprofits can also be an engine for economic growth.

Nonprofits Build Intellectual And Human Capital

Nonprofits build intellectual and human capital. It is essential for nonprofits to have a culture of learning that enables them to grow their knowledge, skills, and capacities so they can find creative solutions to the challenges they face in society.

Nonprofits Identify The Inaccessible

Nonprofits are the heart of society, providing for those in need and giving a voice to those who have been marginalized like advocacy work involving disability rights laws at the state level as well as nationally.


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