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Tips on Writing a Persuasive Grant Application for Your Nonprofit

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Grant preparation for Nonprofit Organizations is a unique aspect of running and growing a nonprofit. From permits, filings, and warrants to documentations, a lot is involved. Whether you’re the owner, managing director, event manager, or executive director of anNon-Profit Organization, you have to give your best when drafting grant proposals.

Difference Between Private Foundation and a Nonprofit Organization

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Many people consider nonprofit organizations, public charities, and private foundations the same. However, this is not true. We often use these terms interchangeably without knowing that there is a fundamental difference between how they operate. Although all of them aim to bring a change in society through their efforts, they are different based on their formation, […]

Advantages of Having the 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization

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If you’re thinking of starting a non-profit charity organization,we recommend you immediately file for tax exemption under the IRS requirements. The IRS recognizes non-profits as entities that can be exempted from paying federal income tax and receive tax-deductible donations. All in all, becoming a 501(c) (3) approved entity can be very beneficial for you. In this […]

Tips To Get Started on the 501c (3) Application Process

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Getting your tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status is a critical step in establishing your nonprofit organization. It is a major marketing unique selling point, as your donors can deduct the contributions they make to your charity from their taxes. However, the 501(c)(3) requirements are quite complex, and you need someone who specializes in setting up non for […]

What Are the Main Functions of a Board of Directors?

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A board of directors is one of the most important groups in a non-profit organization. These elected individuals represent the interest of the community and make decisions that impact the overall organization. Even though there’s no legal requirement for nonprofits to have a BoD, most choose to have one for operational efficiency. If you’ve ever […]

Debunking Common Myths Associated With Nonprofit Organizations

Myths about Nonprofit organization

Let’s admit it, nonprofit organizations are often misunderstood. This according to Shai Goldstein, CEO and Founder of A2Z-filings is due to a number of misconceptions that have been perpetuated by the media and popular culture over time. Some common myths include that people who work in nonprofits don’t get paid, all nonprofit organizations need donations to survive, […]

Why Do You Need To Start a Nonprofit Organization?

Myths about Nonprofit organization

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Starting and running a nonprofit organization is an excellent way to help others. There are many ways that nonprofits can make a difference, from providing food for the hungry to educating children who come from low-income families. Regardless of their size, all nonprofits have one […]

Why Do We Need More Nonprofits in the United States?

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We’re blessed to live in a country that is full of people who want to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. But all too often, those with the desire to help others don’t know where or how they can get started.   For this reason, many nonprofits have emerged and provide […]

What Is The IRS Process Of Getting a Nonprofit Approved?

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A nonprofit corporation is a legal entity that is created to perform certain charitable, educational or religious activities. Nonprofits can be created for many different purposes and can have various structures. If you’re interested in starting your own nonprofit, it’s important to understand the basics of how nonprofits are structured and what they do before […]

What is a Nonprofit And How Do They Function?

Functions of a nonprofit organization

Nonprofits are charitable organizations that are not for profit. These organizations work to provide various social services and fulfill the needs of communities through volunteerism, donations, sponsorships, and in-kind contributions. Nonprofit organizations can be funded by private or public entities, such as grants from government agencies or individual donors who donate money. They have many advantages […]